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Aluminum Woven Gutter Guard

We manufactures the highest-quality EmberGuard available on the market. We have more than 20 years experience in the Gutter Protection industry, and had always struggled to find a quality EmberGuard product.

Light weight (320g M2). Our patented double folded selvedge maintains a taut and uniform appearance and importantly prevents the strands from fraying at tension points as is common problem with other woven mesh. 

The woven mesh has a (1.9mm) aperture. Designed to meet the Australian Standards (AS 3959-2009/AMDT 2011) for “EMBER ATTACK” in bushfire prone areas where council require all openings of 3mm+be screened with a non-combustible material with a maximum aperture of 2mm. 

We manufacturer our premium EmberGuard mesh using the highest-grade powder coating available on the market, “AkzoNobel Interpon D1010 Premium”. Other companies are still using a cheaper powder-coating “AkzoNobel Interpon D610” which leaves the mesh incredibly thin, and makes it extremely susceptible to de-threading.

Extensive testing has shown the woven 2mm aperture capable of accepting heavy rainfall without “sheeting” on an average pitch roof. This fine mesh provides optimum screening preventing fine debris from entering the gutter system. The open mesh design allows for simple ”see-through” inspection and is virtually undetectable on the roof.